Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sewing with the Granddaughter

This afternoon, my granddaughter who is 7, is coming over to spend the night and sew.  A couple of weeks ago, she told me , "Grandma, we need to get sewin, girlygirl"!      So this 'girlygirl' is going to get busy and start sewing.  She wants to make a skirt.  I have some lighter weight denim that would be perfect for a skirt for her.  Of course, I'll do the cutting and preparations, but she'll do the sewing.  She's getting quite good at it actually.  She listens closely to instructions and is beginning to love sewing.
Her little brother is coming too, and he and Jeff (my 16 yr old) will get to spend some time together while we girlygirls sew.

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