Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not much progress this week

I haven't done much this week, except work.  I'm excited because I'm starting into a new phase of my job...change is always good!  :)

I went to the doctor today.  Potassium is back down, too back on potassium and lasix as my feet or i keep fluctuating 8's killing me.  I've been so good on this plan.....tonight I broke down and had a hamburger (off the grill) on a whole wheat bun, with onion and mustard.....oh it was so good.    It will be interesting to see what it does to the weight.  I don't feel like I
ve cheated, I just discussed with the doc about not eating hardly any carbs....aside from vegetables.  No bread, no refined flour, nothing except eggs, cheese, nuts, veggies, some meat, more beans than anything.......and more veggies...did I mention veggies....o my.......I need to plant a garden.  But he said I should eat more calories and it should push me over the edge, then I can drop back down again.  Sometimes the metabolism needs a shock to the system.    So I ate the bun tonight.   But it wasn't white flour.  Every once in awhile, I'll eat someting not as nutritous as usual, but according to the guide I'm following, it's ok to add these foods in occassionaly.   I just can't do it often.  It sends my blood sugars up and I'm not willing to pump more insulin just to way, no how!  So tomorrow, it's back to the usual....and I'm good with that.....I still haven't had any sugar, or high glycemic I'm doing great.
The doc also gave me a b12 was way low and he said that could be the reason I'm so tired, and the neuropathy in my feet being worse than usual.  Hopefully he is right and I'll start feeling better.  I still haven't exercised since I was in the hospital on Easter.    One thing at a time....I suppose.

Now on to my favorite subject....sewing.    I did finish the pink top.  It is a little big in the neckline, but it will work for now.   I still have to finsh the skirt....I know, that was the plan last didn't happen.  But my old clothes are getting ridicoulsly too big.    One of my co workers came up and asked me if I was losing weight.   He's the first person who's really noticed, or said anything.   My boss has been very supportive and cheers me on.    so that was a fun experience.  You can see the weight loss in my face more than anything.     Sorry I digress........   I need to finish the skirt, and cut out another dress.   I want to make one like the ones I've been wearing.   I'm not sure how to describe it, but I'm going to pleat down 18inches  across the bodice in 1/4 inch pleats, then lay a pattern bodice on top of it and cut it out.  I think it will work.  If I can photo it as I'm doing it, you'll get the picture.   They are so comfortable and I can't find the style I'll copy it.  Wish me luck.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I found a minute to put the dress on inside out.  I have to take in about 2 1/2 inches through the bust.  When I put my underwire bra on, the bust sits in the right spot, just too big.  So instead of lowering the bust point, i'll just take it in.  I'll do that tomorrow night, hopefully.

Then I put the hot pink t shirt on and I don't think I'll have to lower the neckline, I'll just make a facing and go from there.  Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow night too.  then I have to take the waist off the black skirt and reattach it, but there is enough fabric that I think I can cut off what I don't need and make a casing....that would be so much easier than moving the waist band down.  It won't matter because I dont wear my shirts tucked in.

So that's what I  need to get done this week.  Plus take my son around to job sites, grocery shop, laundry, and I changed my hours to 7:30am to 4:15, so off to work 45 minutes earlier.  whew.....busy week.  I also need to get to the gym and use the treadmill for an hour......oh I have to stop making my is exhausting!

How to make this dress fit properly!

So I've been thinking about how to alter this dress so I don't feel so frumpish in it.  I really think if I can take the bulk out of the bodice it will feel much better.
I'm going to put the dress on inside out, then pin the princess seams to follow the curve of my bust so everything will hit in the correct place.  In theory it should work because I"m taking it in.......
I'm thinking I won't have to do that in the back as it fits pretty good, just the front.  But I'm ripping out a section of the shoulder seam so I can take in the back to match the front just at the upper back.

Yesterday I went shopping at Kohl's.  I've been looking for a nice pair of dress shoes in white.  I don't typically wear white, but for some reason they appeal to me this year.  I've worn mary janes for the past 7 years. they have a wedge heel, but not very high, about an inch.   I bought them at a specialty shop and they cost over 100.00, but , they are really starting to wear, and I've gotten my money's worth for sure.  they were super comfortable, but I'm ready for something new.

So I was just wandering through Kohls and stopped in the shoe department.  Now mind you, I've not been big on shoes.  Comfort is my thing......but I think I've found some stye and comfort....
I ended up buying 3 pair of shoes for 94.00, saving 111.00.   I love Kohls!

One is a loafer looking, with patent leather top in alligator print, with plain black sides.  It is a wedge 1 1/2 inches high...and I walked all over the store in them, my feet didn't hurt, my back didn't hurt,  they were a keeper.
The second pair is a brownish bronze loafer, (same style) just alligator all over.  They were a close out for $27.  the color is not my favorite, but it is something different, and I think they will be just as comfortable.
The third pair (and my favorite) are White strapped, open toes, sandals, with a 2 1/4 inch chunky heel.  They are super comfortable as well.  Probably not as comfortable as the other 2, but certainly dressy and they look wonderful on my feet.  (pictures coming as soon as someone lets me know where my camera disappeard to!)
THE MOST WONDERFUL PART OF ALL:    I've always worn a size 10 shoe.  Medium width.  Now that I've lost weight, my shoe size is a  9 1/2 B.  What a shocker, I've always tried the smaller size on , and in sandals, could not get my toes through the entire shoe and in pumps my toes hit the end of the shoe..  Now they fit perfectly.  So exciting. (can you tell it's the little things that get me going)
I think I'm going to have a shoe fettish......but hey, that's better than a food fettish!  Right?!!!!   I have to give credit where credit is due!  Debbie Cook, I follow her blog, has been losing weight this past year which really inspired me, as well as Sherril Miller, but Debbie has taken to ordering shoes from Zappos....and she has gotten some of the cutest shoes!  Now she has a great blog.  Very informative, she shows how she does alterations, ect.....someday I hope to be as good as she is.  Sherril, also has a great blog and shows alterations, etc.   

Now on to sewing.......I still haven't finished my hot pink t shirt I made over a month ago.  I tried two different neck bands, and I hate them.  So now I have to draft a facing after I lower the neckline to make it look more like a blouse instead of a t shirt.  I'm just draggin my're right, I"m just getting lazy.
Then I have a black, straight skirt, my mom made me 15 years ago, that I hardly wore, because I started gaining weight so fast.    Well, now I'm in it.  It's too long, so instead of redoing the hem, because there is a slit in the back, I need to lower the waist band and put new elastic in it.  Again, dragging my feet, but the new black shooes will look really nice with the outfit.  Not too dressy as this is a more casual office wear look.  (whatever that is).


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Simplicity 7558

I finally made myself a dress.   It is from an out of print pattern Simplicity 7558.  I used a size 26w.  the only alteration I did was to cut 6 inches from the bottom.   I used a rayon challis I bought many years ago, so it was in my stash.  I didn't have to buy anything extra to make it.  So that was a plus.
I like the dress on me, but it is now too big in the neck line.  I don't like me in the picture because it makes me look very frumpy.
This is a super easy pattern. No zippers, easy neck facings, princess seams.  Really easy to sew and the instructions are written very well.  I've made it once before 16 years ago, and loved it.  I didn't refer to the pattern instructions this time, because it was pretty straight forward.
I don't think I'll make it again.  This style looked great on me 16 years ago, but not so much now, however, it is a super comfortable dress.  Please forgive the state of my living room.  I have a lot of my sewing stuff in there going through it.  I have my machines in the kitchen until we get the sewing room recarpeted.