Sunday, April 15, 2012


I found a minute to put the dress on inside out.  I have to take in about 2 1/2 inches through the bust.  When I put my underwire bra on, the bust sits in the right spot, just too big.  So instead of lowering the bust point, i'll just take it in.  I'll do that tomorrow night, hopefully.

Then I put the hot pink t shirt on and I don't think I'll have to lower the neckline, I'll just make a facing and go from there.  Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow night too.  then I have to take the waist off the black skirt and reattach it, but there is enough fabric that I think I can cut off what I don't need and make a casing....that would be so much easier than moving the waist band down.  It won't matter because I dont wear my shirts tucked in.

So that's what I  need to get done this week.  Plus take my son around to job sites, grocery shop, laundry, and I changed my hours to 7:30am to 4:15, so off to work 45 minutes earlier.  whew.....busy week.  I also need to get to the gym and use the treadmill for an hour......oh I have to stop making my is exhausting!

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