Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finally sewing again

I got up this morning and put the hem in my shirt.  I double needled the neckline.  I'm not really pleased with it as it tends to stretch, but since this is a muslin (wearable, but not on purpose) I'll wear it with my jeans.   I put steam and seam 2 lite on the sleeves and pressed them up.  I still have to hem them, but that will only take a few minutes.  Pictures coming as soon as hubby or son is here to do them.
Last night I took Jeff to Rue 21.  They were having a sale on jeans, so while he was shopping I went and got my nails done.  I had them french manicured and they look very nice.  a tad short, but they will grow.  she evened them up but they are my nails and not acrylic.   Big step for me as I have chewed my nails all my life.  I'm quite pleased with myself.   It is incredible to me how much of a difference it has in your attitude about yourself.  
Pictures coming of that too. 
Grand kids are coming this afternoon.  I'm going to cut out my denim muslin and make myself a new skirt.  Really excited about this.  then I will cut out another muslin t-shirt a smaller size and see what it looks like.  Oh this has been a lot of fun.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

And again, I had great plans, but once I sat down to eat, I haven't moved.  I'm absolutely hopeless, but today was a difficult day.  3rd day on antibiotics and i didn't feel at all well.  So i'm off to bed.  Maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No sewing tonight

I'm still pretty trashed, so I won't be sewing this evening.  :(
However, today I was going through my closet and found some clothes I haven't worn in years!  I have an old jeans dress that is way too big in the top.  I think I stopped wearing it because it had a tear in the side.  I am going to cut the top off and make a denim skirt out of it. 
Nothing like repurposing old clothes!  Way cool.
I have a red dress and jacket that I might be able to do resize smaller.   Maybe Friday night I'll get some sewing done I hope.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NO sewing...:(

I've been sick for the past 5 days.   I finally caved and went to INstacare......hate doing that, 35.00 ....ugh
I have a sinus infection, which I knew, but didn't want to go if I didn't have I'm on antibiotics and hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better and want to finish my t shirt.   
I also want to cut out a denim skirt as well........until tomorrow.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last night we went to a sweetheart activity with a couple who used to leave across the street from us.  Carla and Dale.  We sat with a bunch of people we knew and had a pretty nice visit.  Carla had brought a baby gift for my new great niece Ava, so I'll need to get that off in the mail tomorrow.  She also wrote several poems.  She is really good at that.  Very nice.

I thought when we got home I would go right in and sew  ....but no.  I watched tv instead.  Sigh....old habits are really hard to break. 

During the day Iwent shopping with my bf.  We went to Joanns' and I picked up the steam and seam 2 light 1/4 inch so I could finish my shirt.  I also got some matching navy blue thread and a twin needle.   So I really have no excuse not to finish this shirt!

However, I don't think it is going to fit me for long!   Kinda of sad, but really exciting.  But tshirts are something you can wear for some time while losing weight until they look too big and sloppy.   Thank goodness.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Butterick B5215

Finally, I have started sewing for myself.  I have been looking at this top for over a year.  My sewing mojo for myself has been gone for 16 years!  I'm not sure that it is back, but due to necessity, ie., no clothes, no money to buy clothes, nothing fits., etc.....yadda yadda yadda,  I've had to start sewing.

I have a piece of navy blue rib knit that I decided to use for a muslin.   I have to remind you that I'm a large when I tried to determine what size to make, I range between 4 sizes..   I guess I'm a pear.
But I buy 3x in the stores (mostly) and Connie Crawford's patterns are supposed to be RTW sizing, so I took it at face value and traced off the 3X.   Cold turkey!  Much to my amazement, it fits!  I only have to make a sloping shoulder adjustment about 1/2 inch and it seems to fit pretty good.  As soon as I get the sleeves in, I'll take pics.  Just fair warning,  it an't gonna be a pretty site.

I just needed a starting point and I guess I guessed lucky!

Since the pattern indicated it wasn't suitable for stripes, of course, what do I use,  rib knit that is striped (all one color of course),  But it doesn't look bad.  At least not to me. 

The quandry I am in now, is how to finish the neckline.  I do not like the binding they put on.  I am hoping that i can take wonder under and press down the serged neckline 3/8 inch and use a twin needle to top stitch it into place.  I just wonder if it will be stable enough?   I guess the only way to find out is to do it.   I've also thought about making a facing, but then wonder if I need fusible knit interfacing, or if regular fusible interfacing will work.   It has been so very long since I've sewn garments, other than infant and children wear.  I've posted the question at and hopefully, someone will answer.

I have enough denim to make a skirt to go with it and hopefully will get this all done by the end of the weekend as I would like to wear it to work on Monday.  I'm grateful it fit so I dont have to toss the fabric, but it wasn't expensive when I bought it umpteen years ago, so it wouldn't have been a huge loss.   I know you aren't supposed to count on your muslins to be wearable muslins, but hey, if they do.....BONUS!

Hopefully I can upload pictures on it tomorrow and do a review.

The next item I will make is a hot pink one.  I picked up a really nice poly/cotton blend knit at Joann's last week.  On sale it was 6.99 a yard.  I remember the days when 6.99 was so expensive, now it's normal.  How sad. 

Then I will trace off the pattern Burda 8108.  I fell in love with this pattern.  I have a black poly;/linen blend that I got from two years ago.  I bought a great quantity so I could use as a muslin then for the real thing.  It was a very low price, can't remember, but reasonable.  So tomorrow, I am washing that fabric, then one night next week I will trace the jacket.  The pink knit top will go under it, as black isn't my best color, but now that my hair is all white, it doesn't look too bad.
Here is a picture of that pattern.
I've finally gotten my act together and have found a program that is working for me on losing weight.  I am doing the 30 Day diabetic cure.   So I thought this would be a good outfit to wear while I'm losing.  I hope.