Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last night we went to a sweetheart activity with a couple who used to leave across the street from us.  Carla and Dale.  We sat with a bunch of people we knew and had a pretty nice visit.  Carla had brought a baby gift for my new great niece Ava, so I'll need to get that off in the mail tomorrow.  She also wrote several poems.  She is really good at that.  Very nice.

I thought when we got home I would go right in and sew  ....but no.  I watched tv instead.  Sigh....old habits are really hard to break. 

During the day Iwent shopping with my bf.  We went to Joanns' and I picked up the steam and seam 2 light 1/4 inch so I could finish my shirt.  I also got some matching navy blue thread and a twin needle.   So I really have no excuse not to finish this shirt!

However, I don't think it is going to fit me for long!   Kinda of sad, but really exciting.  But tshirts are something you can wear for some time while losing weight until they look too big and sloppy.   Thank goodness.

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