Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finally sewing again

I got up this morning and put the hem in my shirt.  I double needled the neckline.  I'm not really pleased with it as it tends to stretch, but since this is a muslin (wearable, but not on purpose) I'll wear it with my jeans.   I put steam and seam 2 lite on the sleeves and pressed them up.  I still have to hem them, but that will only take a few minutes.  Pictures coming as soon as hubby or son is here to do them.
Last night I took Jeff to Rue 21.  They were having a sale on jeans, so while he was shopping I went and got my nails done.  I had them french manicured and they look very nice.  a tad short, but they will grow.  she evened them up but they are my nails and not acrylic.   Big step for me as I have chewed my nails all my life.  I'm quite pleased with myself.   It is incredible to me how much of a difference it has in your attitude about yourself.  
Pictures coming of that too. 
Grand kids are coming this afternoon.  I'm going to cut out my denim muslin and make myself a new skirt.  Really excited about this.  then I will cut out another muslin t-shirt a smaller size and see what it looks like.  Oh this has been a lot of fun.

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