Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not much in the way of sewing this week.

I didn't get any sewing done this week.  But I did get another pattern traced off.  I'm working on Burda 8108 the Jacket A.  I traced off a 26 in the bust and gradually went to a 28 in the hips.  I pinned the pattern fabric onto myself and it looks pretty good except the back neck has too much fabric so I think I need to decrease it and the sleeve to make it lie smooth.  I'm going to try that a little later today and see what I think.   I'm doing my muslin in a very inexpensive poly/linen black that I got from I think about 2 years ago.  I bought 10 yards thinking it would make good muslin fabric.  I think I got it for less than 2 bucks a yard.  Cheaper than real muslin....
Ive been going to trace off the 2x on the tshirt I did earlier this month, but I misplaced the pattern.  My hubby found it last night.   So I have that to do as well.

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