Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas to anyone who is looking.  I hope you had a wonderful day.  I have had a great day.  Quiet and relaxing.

Yesterday, my gd and I worked on a skirt for Christmas.  She is 7 and had an idea in her head of what she wanted.   We worked on a skirt that we had planned in October, the two tiered skirt, but when she tried it on she declared it was way too short!  So that pattern was out.
This is what she told me she wanted.  "Grandma, I want my skirt to be red and green plaid(no where could I find that fabric) and I want it to go below my knees, like down here (pointing to mid calf)   I don't want it very full but not really straight."  
So yesterday, we decided to draft our own pattern.  We made an A-line skirt.   She wanted to embroider something Christmasy on it.  I didn't have much but we looked and found some holly and ivy.  She used 3 branches,  then put her name beside it in Blue.   We used a medium weight denim in med blue.    She serged the side seams and then last night at Christmas Eve dinner, I took her waist measurement, then got up this morning and put the elastic in the waist and the hem in.
She ran up and put it on and came down with a white top and a little denim jacket (that was almost too small for her), but it was a pretty close match to color.  She had white textured knee soxs and black dress shoes.  We had her change into her boots, and she looked darling.  I wish I had a picture of it.  I'll try to get one from my daughter and post it.  She was so cute.

I also made doll clothes for her baby dolls.  It was a busy Christmas sewing season.   I made some polar bear candy cane holders (in the hoop projects) that turned out pretty cute and a few lace ornament covers, but abandoned the project to get the presents done.   I should have asked Santa for a cmaera...duh....but didn't think of it.   Oh well....someday I'll have another one so I can share my creations.

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