Friday, December 30, 2011

I had an entry that was a draft and I hit save, so now it shows up in Dec, and it was a post from October.   sigh.....someday I'll learn how to do this.
I was plugging my phone into the laptop to charge when the mobile center came up and I finally found out how to transfer my pictures from my phone to the I don't really need a camera, but it will be nice to have one.
My boss told me to leave at 3 today.   I love it when they let us go early.   For so many years I worked until the wee hours of the morning on the last working day of the year to make sure everyone's finances would be entered and correct.  Now that we are on  a new banking system, it updates continuously.  It's wonderful, but I do miss the overtime.  
The grandkids are coming over for a couple of hours tonight.  That' will be fun.
 Once they leave, I'll start working on the rest of the doll clothes.  Now that I have a way to get my pics online, I can start doing my own sewing.  Way excited.......

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