Friday, August 30, 2013

My last post was actually written on Wednesday, not Friday, but I forgot to hit publish....duh.

Yesterday my friend and I hit Hancock fabrics.   I just didn't see anything that impressed me.  But I did pick up some more patterns:

Butterick B5538

 Butterick B5827
Butterick B5861
Ok, I bought the Simplicity Amazing Fit pattern because it had different cup sizes.   I'm a C cup, and most patterns aren't an issue, but I convinced a friend to buy the same one because she is a D cup and I thought we'd have better luck making this pattern.  She is very narrow in the shoulders, big busted and narrow waist.   
B5538  I love view C.   She bought a pin stripe for hers, I didn't buy any fabric.  I am sure there has to be something in my stash that will work for this one.  Just have to buy buttons once I decide.
B5827  I'm not sure if I like the neck line on this dress.   I don't usually wear higher necks since I had neck surgery because I can't stand anything around my neck, but I thought it was a cute pattern so I'm going to try it.
B5861  You can't see the detail on this shirt, but to the right and left of the placket there are Pleats.  Not on this view, but on the other views on the pattern.    I thought it would be cute made up in a black and white print, maybe a rayon.
So that is my pattern I didn't have any others to work on......but I love those sales and I only paid 1.99 for each. So 8.00 for 4 patterns is pretty good.  Now I just have to get to work.

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