Friday, August 30, 2013


I really didn't stop because I was lazy, my laptop blew up!   I tried posting with my tablet, but I'm a keyboard kind of gal and just couldn't master the touchscreen keyboard.   I guess it's true, you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

So, did I get the laptop fixed yet?  NO.......... I bought a desktop computer.  They tend to last longer for me than laptops do, however,  my laptop has a service warranty for 3 years and they are going to either fix it or replace it.   I'll give it to my ds, that way we'll both have machines.  He needs one for school.  I just need one.....because.......well.....hmmm......well just because!

I'm working the night shift.  9-5.   It's not too bad.  I work with clients in the Pacific Islands and since their daytime is our night time, it goes to reason I should work when I can contact them!   I haven't figured out a schedule yet on how to get much accomplished because I'm trying to sleep during the day and keep getting woke up so much that I actually don't get much sleep, therefore, I don't get much done!  Story of my life!

On the sewing front.......I've started a quilt (that's my new thing well, new for about 3 years now).  It is a quilt of valor for my nephew.    The design is by Mark Lapinsky...  I was able to get most of the fabric that he used in his, but not quite all.  It will look good though.  I'm about half way finished.  Pics to come once I get it put together.

Sewing for me:
B5053 Connie Crawford  T shirt.

This is my go to pattern for t shirts.   In store bought sizes I am a 3-4 x .   It depends on the length.  I use the 2X on her patterns and they fit perfect through the shoulders and bust.  Through the stomach is a little snug, but that will go away losing more weight.  The length is long, the way I like.  Gives plenty of shrink room (especially since everything seems to shrink, or I just get bigger and they get shorter!)

Not a very clear picture, sorry.
There are 3 sleeve options.  The first one I made it was a very short sleeve and my biceps are too large for that.  Hence, it sits in the pile of clothes not worn unless it is an I haven't done laundry yet!

I use the sleeve that ends right above the elbow.  It is the most comfortable.    I don't put ribbing on the neck, I just fold it down and top stitch.  I have a babylock evolve (I think that is the cover stitch machine) but I don't know how to use the coverlock on it.  I really need to just get it out and practice....I'm sure it isn't rocket science!  It's that "old dog" mentality that keeps me from doing it...I think.

The most recent top is an olive green knit.  It came off the flat fold table at the Cotton Shop here in SLC.    It washes up nicely and feels like it has some rayon in it.   It isn't as thin as some knits with rayon though, so I really like it.   I'll see if I can get my ds to take a pic of me....horrors!.

I've got a navy blue knit, same as the green, to do next.   Since I work at nights, I don't have to wear dresses, I can wear slacks.  Don't have many of those either, since I live in jeans when I'm off, or lately, my night shirt!

But, I'll probably only work this shift through December, so I'm going to need more dress clothes.  So the next project in mind is:
This is a Butterick too.  B3039

I want to make the dress in a black ponte roma (or the one with rayon) Then wear jacket or sweater with it.    I have the knit, just nothing for the jacket.  I have a really cute sweater pattern and I have a light weight rayon knit in heather gray that would work perfectly with it.   
I also want to make a straight skirt out of the black ponte .   I don't know if pencil skirt would look good on me, so I'll just make it straight.   Then I can wear a shirt underneath the sweater or make a twin set out of the grey.  I have plenty I think.



/The sweater jacket is like what I'll make only there are pockets at the bottom right beside the lapels.    This isn't the pattern though....of course, can I find the one I bought?   Noooooooo......but I will.  
Well, that's the news.  Now that I have a computer again, I will post regularly...well at least more than once a year!

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