Thursday, January 5, 2012


I knew I had more stash somewhere in this house!  My husband checked the back room and lo and behold he found about 10 more crates of boxes of fabric and such!  It was like Christmas last night, going through it.
Now tonight, I will go through it again and decide what to keep and what to give away.   Looks like sewing is being put off until Saturday (again).

Also, Thanks for the advice Sherrill.   I am thinking maybe I should switch over to my black poly/linen that I have oodles of to make this up.  I think it will drape ok.  I've washed it and will have to drape it when I start on that project.  Also, I will wash the denim multiple times in hot water, then put it away with a note on it that I've done that, so I won't do it multiple times again.   I tend to forget what I've done at times! 

On another note, I found a Mary Duffy pattern in my stash that might be an option for a straight skirt, although, I'm not sure my apple shape will look good in it, but it's an option.  I could modify it into an A line skirt too.  Just a thought.

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